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Translation into Hebrew
Tsad Kadima takes lead

Rony Schenker writes to tell me that she and Dr Amichai Brezner, head of the Department of Child Rehabilitation at Tell Hashomer Medical Centre, have translated and edited the recent book by Peter Rosrnbaum and Lewis Rosenbloom, Cerebral palsy  from diagnosis to adult life.

They have made it accessible to parents, teachers and heath professionals, with many footnotes explaining professional terms etc.

Rony has also contributed a chapter on Conductive Education and Tsad Kadima to this Hebrew Edition.

Not all Israelis can read English with ease, or have ready access to libraries and, anyway, the last book on cerebral palsy in Hebrew was published a long time ago, in 1979.

Rony and Amichai undertook this huge job on a voluntary basis. It took them a year.

Their Hebrew edition is already in the stores.

Tsad Kadima

Tsad Kadima (a Step Forward) – the Association for Conductive Education in Israelbegan in 1987:

It is parent- (and grandparent-) led. Its conductors are all Israelis (around seventy of them as I last heard) and it has established its own conductor-training course in Jerusalem.

Publication of this book marks another step forward, not solely for the book but for how Conductive Education has taken a lead in its country's societal response to an eligible condition (here cerebral palsy). This is quite a contribution, facilitating a whole society's access to up-to-date knowledge, especially  as access by parents was at the forefront of the translators' minds.

How long will it be till CE elsewhere does the same?


רוזנבאום פ., ורוזנבלום, ל. (2013).שיתוק מוחי- מהאבחנה ועד לחיים הבוגרים. הוצאת ספרים "אח" קרית ביאליק, ישראל.

Rosenbaum, P., Rosenbloom, L. (2012 ) Cerebral Palsy: From Diagnosis to Adult Life, NY, Wiley

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