Friday, 1 November 2013


Half a million page views

Overnight, I have just noticed, the number of times that pages have been viewed on Conductive World surpassed the half-million mark.

I am not at all sure what this actually means in substance. I know from the cumulative map provided by MapLoco that Conductive World is hit on from a lot of places (whether it is actually read of course might be quite another matter). I had an all too brief conversation at the recent World Congress in which someone told me that Conductive World is rather influential within the little conductive goldfish bowl. I responded that neither of us have any way of knowing that, one way of the other (I suppose that the same goes for Conductive Education World Congresses!). I know that Conductive World has a small, 'loyal following', and that there is a paenumbra of people who drop in from time to time, but I suspect that most people in the CE world can either take it or leave it, or have never even heard of it at all. Most importantly, I suspect that very few outside CE even know that it exists.

Not being particularly numerological, nor even particularly decimal, I find this figure of half a million no big deal. It is no more than a sort of reminder. It has taken a long time to trawl 500,000 page views (since 4 October 2007 – six years!) and unless there is the most remarkable step change I doubt that Conductive World and I shall make it together to a million!

It is so nice not to have to have targets (or to have a known deadline).



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