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Certainly still strongly voiced in last decade
How widespread now ?

Continued from yesterday:

Widespread attempts to implement CE outside Hungary began first in the UK, resulting in a long time to pick up baggage. Resistance from existing institutions, opposition from the disability movement and inclusionists combined with CE's lack of a coherent, intelligible message of its own, have encouraged a lot of confusion and antipathy. Yes, some of what is believed and expressed is uninformed but it is no less convinced for that, and there can be o doubt that some of it reflects things that people really have heard, read, observed or experienced for themselves over the years.

Here are a few snippets from 2009, from two pages of online postings on a message board belonging to the BBC's disability programme Ouch! (no friend of CE). protesting about a stall in the writer's village raising money for Conductive Education –

I actively disagree with the principle of conductive education, it predetermines what makes a valid person. It puts too much emphasis on basic physical skills, and encourages the rejection of those who do not meet this narrow idea of perfection. If you aren't a 'walkie talkie' they see you as a failure. 

...think about the pavements, the bus service and the steps to the chip shop. far more productive than waiting for spontaneous re-wiring of a long-splatted brain.

By its very nature, it's demanding and kids often travel a long way from home to do it. And for what? The website states 'this is neither a treatment nor a cure': damn straight.

...the truly evil conductive education regime that many kids have imposed upon them.

I must (shamefully) admit that when I was at Hereward College, I participated in a few activities in support of Conductive Education. But that was long before I was politicised and found out what goes on at the Pető Institute. I feel like a bad crip.

The ideological underpinning of Pető was reactionary...

Are the principals of CE, the control over the reflexes etc, evil or is the marketing and execution of it evil?

The current ideologies surrounding CE are more often than not, oppressive...

In Hungary, the Pető Institute was instructed by the Government to "normalise" the children and to avoid using wheelchairs...

There are also some sensible letters:

Maybe in 2014 one no longer meets negative responses. Maybe people no longer think that way about CE. Maybe one should get out more, and check.


(2009) There's a Cerebral Palsy collection stall in the middle of my village, Ouch! 3 April

Footnote: more from Ouch!

There was a lot more misconception and anger on other exchanges on this message board around that time:

Sutton, A, (2008) Ouch! You couldn't make it up, 5 January

Sutton, A. (2010) Can anyone help with this gentleman's problem? 4 August

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