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Why write? No one will read it. When they want to know they will find out for themselves.
András Pető, as reported by Mária Hári
People in Conductive Educations do seem to like quotations, particularly things that András Pető (supposedly) said or wrote, and things that have been said or written about him.

Unfortunately there are not so many of either of these in common circulation, so one tends to come across the same old things again and again. Worse, little of what does get passed around is attributed (that is, the sources of such sayings are rarely stated), offering no chance to form judgements on their content or veracity.

If you link across to the e-conduction site you will find a new quotation by or about András Pető at the head of its home page – renewed with a fresh one every time that you visit:

If you want another quotation, simply refresh the page.


These quotations are randomly selected (by computer) from the CEP Quotationary of András Pető his Conductive Education, from its store of 307 quotations from András Pető himself, those who knew him, and those who have tried to find out more.

These quotations were originally in German, Hungarian and English – all are presented here in English.

The CEP Quotationary is set out thematically and sometimes a vivid picture emerges – not at all like the AP of sanctified myth. Where historical truth lies is a matter for readers to judge for themselves. To help them in this, full bibliographic references are given for all quotations (forty named sources), and there is a detailed index.

To buy the book for yourself, click on CEP Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education above the given quotation

Or link to it here:

They make one think

At the very least some of these quotations might give cause to pause and question some of the practices or services presently proclaimed under the name of 'Pető' (or 'Petö' or just plain 'Peto').

Some might prove invaluable when arguing the case for Conductive Education, or writing assignments.

Some might prove helpful in livening up a tired website, or adding a little authority

And some might lead on to further questions and enquiry...

Acknowledgement due

The idea of the providing these free, changing quotations on e-conduction's front page came from conductor Ben Foulger of ConductiveIT who, having come up with the notion then executed it. Thanks, Ben.

Further enquiries about what Ben's services at:


(2013) CEP Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education, Birmingham, Conductive Education Press

András Pető quotations at every log-in

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