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Where are those Russian conductors?

I have been reading extracts from a candidate's dissertation from the Moscow State Social University. A 'candidate' is conventionally translated into English as a PhD, though I am not sure now valid such cross-national comparisons are. No matter, this is perhaps the best CE dissertation of all the many that I have looked at over the years, from anywhere and at any level. Certainly it is the most theoretically sophisticated and relevant. It quite raises the tone – pity that it more widely available Yes, it is in Russian, but anyone with a serious interest in Conductive Education should already be adept in using and interpreting online machine translation and should be able to make out enough to do some serious questioning:

It is written by conductor Denis Yur'evich Mostovoi (Мостовой Денис Юрьевич):

Denis now works at the 'Karada' Medical Centre in Moscow:

Mapping the Russian conductors

There were quite a few trained, through two separate schemes, in the early heady days following the End of the Cold War:

Where are they all now? Are most of them still active as conductors? Denis's practice has been added to the Intelligent Love's workplace map, and very lonely it presently looks, all alone in the vast Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union):

Conductors from Russia and elsewhere in the CIS are heir to a remarkable intellectual heritage in special education and rehabilitation. Another wasted opportunity for Conductive Education – but one in which, as Denis has shown, it is not too late...

Help would be appreciated in identifying more and putting them on the world map, where they work, what they are doing and what they have done? Information please to:

Mostovoi, D. Yu. (2005) Социально-педагогическая подготовка родителей в системе дополнительного профессионального образования [Social and pedagogical training of parents in the system of additional professional education], candidate's dissertation (extracts), Moscow, Russian State Social University

Mostovoi, D. Yu. (2009) Kондуктивная педагогика [Conductive pedagogy] (video) 

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