Saturday, 9 March 2013


Cannon Hill heartbreak

NICE (the National Institute for Conductive Education), is situated in Cannon Hill House and other buildings, that stand right beside Cannon Hill Park, a major public park in Birmingham, England.

The land for Cannon Hill Park had been presented to the City of Birmingham by Louisa Ryland, an immensely wealthy local woman, a multi-multi-millionairess in modern-day terms, and a major benefactor to the City.

A romantic account of aspects of her life and this donation has just been re-presented in a local-newspaper story, by local historian Carl Chinn, featuring some nice contemporary photographs:

Incidentally, and for the record, the article might be read in the sense that Cannon Hill House and the land that it stands on was part of Luisa Ryland's charitable land grant. It was not but rather built by her family in the early half of the ninetenth century to be rented out as a 'gentleman's house' to private tenants. It was never lived in by the Rylands. The final tenant was the last member of the Lloyd family to be connected with Lloyds Bank (which has been first established in Birmingham). After Louse Ryland died, her estate sold the building (and its land) o the City in whose hands is subsequently sank into a state of deplorable neglect.

Tempora mutantur.


Chinn, C. (2013) Heartbreak led to Louisa Anne Ryland's gift to Birmingham, Birmingham Mail, 9 March

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