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A few first reflections on the world map

On the Intelligent Love site the task of mapping centres, clinics, schools and other services where conductors might be found working around the world is now almost complete. Almost all this information has been previously available on line if one knew where to look, but for the first time in recent years this is now presented publicly in a coherent graphic form:

  • So far the map indicates 365 services etc where conductors work around the world
  • Perhaps unexpected is the number of services (46) offered to adults)
See the full data:

Patterns of settlement

These full data include breakdown on a country-by-country basis.
  • The most obvious pattern. is that conductors are employed almost exclusively in developed economies. Overwhelmingly, conductors work in 'the North', both geographically and economically. 
  • Within this wider pattern, the English-speaking world and Northern Europe take the lion's share of conductor-employment outside Hungary, with Southern Europe (including the South of France) barely figuring at all
  • The old Iron Curtain, 'from Danzig to Trieste', still casts a shadow. With the obvious exception of Hungary and the old DDR ('Eastern Germany'), there are no workplaces for conductors reported anywhere from the old Soviet Bloc. Objective reality or some persisting tradition of discretion? Help please
  • Israel New Zealand and Norway have developed national coverages that, though still thin on the ground on closer examination, are well in advance of any other countries in the conductor diaspora
Interpretation should include consideration of the population of given countries, and give cause to consider what reality lies behind statements that certain countries 'have Conductive Education' an a real option for citizens.

Readers may spot their own patterns. Like in everything else 'more research is needed'! There are certainly quite a few questions for further investigation apparent on this page.

The most Northerly place where conductors work (Tromsø in Norway) lies 400 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Zoom in – and fly over
  • This is a standard Google Map,  and can be explored accordingly.
  • Click on a 'pin' to bring up a pop-up with contact information and where known, a link to a website
  • Use the slide scale on the left-hand side of the page to zoom in close.
  • You will find that what might on the opening map looks a thick forest of 'pins' close up may look very dispersed
  • You might also consider a tendency for services to be situated in small towns or even outside towns and cities altogether
  • Another possible tendency is for services not to lie in capital cities (private employment arrangements may be different in this respect)
  • Hungary bucks both these trends
  • Zoom in close and the map will take you right down to street level
  • Click on Satellite to seen the location from above (again with zoom facility but, sorry, no street views available!)
  • You can Search using words within the names of services of in their addresses
  • For 'historical reasons' Hungary is an anomaly. 
  • Hungary has an extraordinary number, and variety, of places where conductors work, including within its capital.
  • We have been very much helped in compiling the Hungarian part of this map by using the results of a national survey carried out some three years ago
  • We recognise that, comprehensive as these data appear, they may already be drifting out of date
  • We do not have websites for the majority of these Hungarian services and we would be grateful to receive any URLS that readers can offer
  • Perhaps somebody might like to volunteer look them up for us.
At lease we now now what has happened to many of those conductors who have qualified at the Pető Institute over the years and are not on the international job market.

We are still truing to find a satisfactory way of representing the totality of conductor services available in Budapest.


One the CE's enduring puzzles is that frequently repeated statements that Conductive Education is established and available in Japan. Confirmation of what survives there would be much appreciated.

  • We cannot find conductors working in Poland. We know that there have been some in the past.
Can anybody advise?
Commonwealth of Independent States
(former Soviet Union)

Considerable interest has been apparent from the CIS  and there have been oblique reports of projects to establish conductive services there.  Substantiation and detail, please.

'Private conductors'
  • No mention is made of the unseen army of often transitory domestic conductors (or in some cases 'conductor-domestics'!) working privately with families. This is not a principled decision, other than that such activity is by its vey nature' – and we have to draw some sort of line around what is possible.
  • We do, however, include conductor consultancies, and would be grateful to include any that have been omitted – just tell us.
  • The bulk of the work if compiling this map together has now been done and it is sincerely hoped that maintaining it will be relatively easy.
  • How well this will achieved will depend in so small measure of readers' writing in to update information that they know to be incorrect
  • Information on new locations will be particularly welcome, and notification that services have closed
  • Comments, criticisms and suggestions will always be welcome
  • It is not possible to record all the places that have ceased to employ conductors or altogether closed over the years
  • For the moment anyway services that cease to employ conductors or just close will be recorded on the map.
'Oriental CE'
  • No attempt has been made to indicate the services provided under the Conductive Education under the Conductive Education, in China, especially Hong Kong, and elsewhere because, by their nature, they do not employ conductors
  • Such a map would be useful and informative, in both East and West, and it is to be hoped that this task will be taken up.
  • Inclusion on this map should in no way be regarded as a recommendation or assurance of quality.
  • Nor does it imply that activities provided are particularly 'conductive'
Possible uses
  • Finding services
  • Finding employment
  • Taking a look at conductive pedagogy in practice
  • Seeing something of the extraordinary range of conductive applications and practices that there are around the world, and view some of the range of information about CE – and misinformation    on public display
  • Tool for arguing the case for CE
  • Research tool

– (2013) Where conductors work, Intelligent Love, February

Maguire, G. (2013) Conductive Education Information,

Sutton, A (2013) Where conductors work: new, graphic world listing being prepared, Conductive World, 31 January

All correspondence

Please address all enquiries, suggestions and any further information that you can offer to Gill Maguire at:
If you find that your own service is not included on this data base, don't complain  instead, write in and offer your details.

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Applause for this initiation! We should all be thankful those who work hard to make this accessibility possible!

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