Friday, 15 February 2013


Conductive World preserved

Since 2004 the UK Web Archive has been collecting thousands of websites reflecting the rich diversity of lives and interests throughout the United Kingdom. Conductive World was added on 17 January 2013, archived for preservation by the British Library:

Education & Research > Special Needs Education
Conductive World

As long as Conductive World remains in publication, new postings will be archived automatically as they appear. The total record will be permanently preserved.

Though Conductive World is based in the UK it has international scope, reporting, analysing and commenting upon events and matters 'conductive' around the world. The archived material includes all this.


The Archive page includes a simple search engine that searches all of Conductive World from first publication (4 October 2007) up to your time of searching.

This search engine has its own rules. It does not like double inverted commas to indicate a phrase, so enter András Pető, not “András Pető”.

And being British, the Archive is puzzled by 'accents', some anyway. Thus it will read this name as andrã?s  petå . No matter: click on the link provided to go straight to the original posting on Conductive World, which you will find recorded in full, in its original format.



Anonymous Andrew said...

Alternatively, it can also be found archived on the Wayback Machine:

Friday, 8 March 2013 at 10:54:00 GMT  

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