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New, 21st-century form for long-established service

Ben Foulger has produced a world map of where conductors work providing services for children and adults around the world. The format is based upon Google Maps, and can zoom in from the total global picture right down to street level. The content is being provided and maintained by Gill Maguire. You can see and use the emerging result at:    

The world map

This map informs of services around the world in which conductors work with children, adults, and/or their families. These conductors are of various nationalities and speak a variety of languages but all have basic training that derives from the work and the thinking of András Petõ, and include teacher-conductors. 

Click on a 'pin' on the map to be taken to a service's postal address and website address (URL). Inclusion on this map implies no judgement on the quality of services provided – or even how 'conductive' they might be.  Services are not necessarily ‘conductive’ for there being a conductor in the building, or even in the room.

Services are included whether they are open full time or for only part of the day or of the year. 

For more detailed information on services listed here, please go to their websites, look for them on the Internet, and enquire locally or by other means. 

Updates, please

Information of this kind this soon goes out of date. Gill Maguire has tried to identify all possible locations and to check whether services announced are still in operation. We shall do our best to include changes, especially new services opened, and remove services that have closed, but information may be hard to find. It would be nice to think that listed services themselves would be keen to check and correct their entries. We live in hope.

If you know of any service, centre, clinic, consultancy, personal practice, any context in which conductors work to provide services to children, adults and their families, that is not included here, or of any new ventures expecting to begin work in the future, then do please send its address and website directly to Gill Maguire: 

Please also inform us of changes or address, including new URLs (website addresses) and of any places that have now closed. 

Brief history

By the start of the nineteen-nineties it was becoming apparent that the fragmenting parents’ movement in the United Kingdom would make it unlikely that there could still be a concerted, strategic, social-policy strategy to establish Conductive Education in the UK. Instead, the emerging pattern would comprise numerous  unconnected small-scale projects, locally based and locally oriented ('minnows').

To keep tabs on these a 'Conductive Map' was created manually on a sheet of A3 paper (I recall buying a little packet of self-adhesive black dots to stick on this to show where conductors were finding work across the country.  This disparate tendency was soon under way in a few other advanced countries, and a second sheet of A3, with some more stick-on dots, then served as a World Map.

Over the course of the nineties Gill Maguire began to share and then take over this task from myself, as part of the growing information service of the Library that she ran, and computers and the Internet began to make themselves felt. Paper and dots gave way to online listing. Here is a taste from ten years ago (February) taken from a then information page called CE Grand Central. This old page is archived on line: 

It is instructive to see what was listed there ten years ago, though many of the links given are to sites that were unfortunately not archived by their providers and have now gone for ever.

So has Gill’s then information service, though she has subsequently recommenced and developed it on line in association with Conduction.  It is this, her continuing listing, that has served as the basis for the context of this new world map.

Explore the map

Explore the map, zoom in, zoom out, and visit more personally by the satellite view. 'Play' with it.

You may be surprised, or disappointed, to see how many or how few locations are identified here. It should come as no surprise how ill-distributed these locations are according to different societies' relative wealth, or how little even some economically favoured countries figure at all…

There is little new information here, not previously available on line, but seeing it presented in this way might give pause for thought.

And there is more to come. Gill is still putting up new locations. Particularly, she has quite a few more ‘pins’ to plant in the map of Germany and, as for Hungary, she is not yet half way!

No doubt many will use this map simply out of interest. For others it should be an important practical tool in finding services or seeking jobs. Others still will enjoy its heuristic value, and yet others appreciate its potential contributions to academic enquiry, PR, political lobbying, fundraising and public awareness.

Enjoy using it how you will.

Intelligent Love

This world map is first in a number of information services from Ben Foulger to be published under the collective name of Intelligent Love: 

The phrase' intelligent love' in the context of Conductive Education comes from Mária Hári, speaking direct to camera in an interview for the 1986 BBC TV documentary Standing up for Joe:
Love is not enough here. It must be intelligent love.
The phrase has also served as of the title of the book collecting together parents’ reports of the actions they have taken to ensure their children’s access to Conductive Education:

The present map is brought to you by Ben Foulger, Gill Maguire and Andrew Sutton, as a collaboration between conductiveIT and Conduction.  Ben and Gill have both already blogged on this: 

It might be mentioned again here on Conductive World too… 

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