Thursday, 28 February 2013


What's big, obsolete, costly and takes up space?

On a parents' online forum a father writes –


We have a set of conductive education (PETO) furniture made by Smirthwaite which my son has grown out of. I know that with the expense of the conductors etc that CE is becoming increasingly rare in schools but for our son it worked wonders.

The set is in very good condition and retails at over £600 new. Obviously it's bulky and heavy so we would need to work out transport but the main reason for the posting was to see if anyone was interested in it. Let me know and we can work from there. We are in Gloucester for reference.


The passage highlighted in yellow caught my eye.

I should not have thought that CE was ever anything but rare in English schools, not real Conductive Education as provided by conductors anyway, though at one time many special schools did indeed employ wooden furniture and some so-called 'principles'. Times change and it may well be that schools and their visiting staff may find little room for such activity nowadays – though financial cost may be only one factor at work in this.

I am in no position to judge.  Simon could be right. Interesting perspective. An era closing?

Pritschen etc

Good luck in disposing of that 'plinth'.  Best chance for finding somebody who wants to use this stuff 'conductively' to advertise it (free) on Conductive World Market:

I am not sure what to suggest if you fail to dispose of it. I have heard Guy Fawkes Night suggested to solve such a problem – but that sounds a bit of waste. I once saw a redundant plinth in a school, serving as the base for an attractive indoor planting scheme but that takes up a lot of space. You could put a mattress on it and use it as a spare bed (space again). I suppose that you might even try to sell it on as an 'orthopaedic bed'. Or it could offer a substantial base for a model railway layout in one of the smaller scales (ditto). As a last resort, call in Community Transport or a similar organisation.

I do not know what goes towards making a 'set of conductive education (PETO) furniture' – or what other uses could be found for such stuff, whatever it it. No doubt there are others who might have ideas and experience.

Good luck with it. And for the future, do note that the floor and the ordinary fixtures of life can prove very satisfactory accessories, at no extra cost and no storage requirements.

Simon's furniture: whose problem?

Simon's problem is just one personal (and relatively minor manifestation) of how so many families have to bring up their disabled children (and/or disabled adults) in isolation. There are surely people out there who could solve such a problem in in a trice – but how to find them? Many disabilities have generated condition-specific organisations that might serve this function. Cerebral palsy once had one (now called Scope).

Or perhaps Simon's question is one for the world of Conductive Education rather than for the world of disability. One used to talk idealistically of a 'conductive community'...



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