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Awareness of CE. the case of brain injuries they attempt to educate the part of the brain that still functions
This sounds at the same time so common-sensical, and 'sciencey'. Recently I seem to read a lot of statements saying something like this. Indeed this notion ought now to be added into cut-and-paste spoof canon of conventional wisdom on Conductive Education published in Conductive World last summer.

I wonder whether I shall read even more as the 8th World CE Congress approaches.

Why feel uneasy about it?

At the social-political level this looks yet further encouragement to dodge off from the essentially developmental nature of Conductive Education – indeed the essentially developmental nature of motor disorder as a whole.  That goes without saying.

At the more substantive level, however, I puzzle at how this conceptualisation squares with the the whole notion of restructuring cognitive structures and, more fundamentally, with the much-vaunted (and rarely elucidated) 'holistic' nature of the philosophy of CE, and a holonomic approach to upbringing, education and rehabilitation. There may be a very clear and adequate explanation, but I have still to hear or read it.

Oh well, no doubt those better qualified that I will have plenty more to say about it. And in the meantime it continues to permeate the popular and professional awareness – and reputation – of Conductive Education.


I picked up this jolly word only yesterday evening, in my belated reading of Ben Goldacre's Bad Science.

'Sciencey' is the word that he uses for 'scientistic' as applied to a certain style of pseudo-scientific writing. I also enjoyed his coinage of 'referencey'. There are plenty of both attributes to be found around CE.

What a jolly and relaxing little book this is. I cannot recommend it too highly to everyone who is concerned about 'Conductive Education research'. It is a funny enough book in its own right but there are whole paragraphs where you only have to change a few words to those of CE to laugh out even louder.


Goldacre , B. (2009) Bad Science, London, Fourth Estate

Sutton, A. (2012) Conductive Education: all you need to know, Conductive World, 16 July

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