Thursday, 17 January 2013


Don't mention the economic crisis

Conductive World used to make recent mention of forthcoming economic decline. Now that this has so obviously arrived then there seems less reason to dwell on it! It is part of the wallpaper.
In the UK over the last few months, increasingly noticeable against the general background of economic gloom is the disappearance of familiar shops, particularly large, familiar chains of shops.
For two or three decades now small individual, locally owned shops have been disappearing, undercut or bought out by very large national or even international chains. All monocultures are so terribly vulnerable. Economic stress and technical progress is now pushing such chains into the economic ditch. One begins to wonder what will be next, and what succeed them.
Not the wore problem in the world, but one that people can see and experience all around them. It rather brings things home.
My free newspaper today (itself a product of economic and technological change) came with wrap-round pages advertising a big furniture chain making an extraordinary bundle of offers on its products:
  • half-price savings
  • pay nothing for a year
  • no deposit
  • interest-free credit.
Isn't that the sort of financial policy that got this country and moist of the Western world to this economic pass in the first place?
Conductive Education?
I have no concrete news of how it is surviving midst all this.
Nifty footwork
Well, one of the Bee-Gees is still with us.



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