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Comes with my personal recommendation
Advances in the sector of Conductive Education may come from the edges, the frontiers where it meets knowledge and experience far removed from its own, rather than from its own established ways of doing things.
CE and IT
Ben Foulger was a software engineer before he trained as a conductor. As a student-conductor and in the years since his graduation he has been engaged with how Conductive Education might benefit through use of IT. He has now formed his own company to pursue this dream.
The company is called conductiveIT and its website now on line will be subject to continuing development:

Ben will be pleased to hear from individuals and institutions with a problem to solve or a project to create: 
Some of us need help, lots of it

Some of us have a problem using even simple commercial applications. Some of us do not even know what might be possible in the first place. I can say such things because I myself am totally inept, an IT-illiterate.
Ben is a patient tutor (after all, he is a conductor) and I have relied upon him to steer me through difficulties, and create ideas where I had none before. He has helped bring my own ideas into e-life. Inter alia , he came up with the notion of Conductive Post, and brought it to life:

I have seen a couple of the other notions that he has on the stocks. Watch out for their launch.
If you have an idea that you want developed, a new website, an public information service, an internal data system, whatever, I can recommend that you drop Ben a line and discuss what could be possible.



Blogger Ben Foulger said...

Thank you for your kind words Andrew.


Thursday, 24 January 2013 at 11:43:00 GMT  
Blogger Andrew Sutton said...

During 2009 Norman Perrin floated the idea of CE2.0, and launched a Facebook group with the same name. I suppose that one could say that the conductive world was not ready for this.

Development cannot wait for readiness. It does, however, often require people able to devote themselves full time to the cause. I can but hope that in 2013 and beyond you might drag some of CR screaming into the 21st century, ready or not.

Friday, 25 January 2013 at 11:15:00 GMT  

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