Tuesday, 22 January 2013


On Facebook

I received an unexpected message via Facebook this morning –

Hi Andrew,

Judit Jáger suggests you add Mária Hári as a friend on Facebook

The Facebook Team

Eerie! But why not? Only yesterday I remarked

The world has certainly come a long way since she fought her battles to defend and preserve András Pető's Institute and Conductive Education – and the fragile trade of conducctor.


Nowadays, if you are not on Facebook, who are you? At the very least a page such at this would establish a presence. Mária died shortly after the advent of the Internet Age but she had her computer (and an Internet line) in her apartment. She loved it. I like to fantasise that, had she lived, at the age of 89 she would still be keeping a steely eye on what is being said and described on line. There might have been rather greater caution about writing and showing some daft things on line if she were still here to say what she thought of them. Imagine her reaction to some of those unspeakable videos...
  • This Facebook site has been running only since 9 January.
  • So far its friends seem to comprise mainly young conductors, which is encouraging.
  • There is very little content there as yet (I suggest the immediate addition of the date that she died, 6 October 2003) yet I know that there are so many fond memories, and tales to be told.
  • There is also one of favourite pictures of her, and I hope that more will be offered.
  • There are so many links that could be provided...
So, I shall join, and encourage others to do the same. I shall watch what turns up and post a few things that seem appropriate. I do hope that others will too.

You can find Mária Hári's Facebook page at:

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