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Is her message still clear?
Over the weekend I stumbled upon some students corresponding on Facebook over an immanent assignment.
Apologising for her research skills, one has asked: 'I know that there are quotes from Mária Hári about a conductor being all things...teacher, physio, etc., etc., Anyone know where to find such a quote?'
Oh, I know that feeling so well, the nagging knowledge that I have read something somewhere, and the self-irritation at not having made a note of it at the time (as if I should be able to find it if I had!)
In the event, on this Facebook discussion as in real life, it was the intervention of a knowledgeable Librarian that answered the quest for written source, though again as often happens, the answer was not as may have been anticipated (step forward Gill Maguire).
Spotting all this this later that evening I could not avoid raising the obvious fundamental issue –
Mária Hári would be spinning in her grave (if she had one) at the very idea of such a sentiment's being attributed her. It evokes the title of an article by paediatrician Kenneth Holt, which in turn evoked a determined formulation of Ester Cotton... Nuff said.
I had meant to post this as a Comment on the thread but it is not there so I guess that I forgot to press the button. That assignment will be diminished and submitted by now, but waste not, want not.
Mária regarded the multidisciplinary people as 'the enemy' (not the only one). The world has certainly come a long way since she fought her battles to defend and preserve András Pető's Institute and Conductive Education – and the fragile trade of conductor.
Holt, K. (1975) A single nurse-teacher-therapist? Child: Care, Health and Development, vol. 1, no 1, pp. 45–50

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Anonymous Gillian Maguire said...

It gave me a nice warm feeling to be able to use my knowledge of CE literature, and I hope it helped. I have always got satisfaction from bringing information and people together, as a room full of information is not always easy to access without help.

It is not often that Librarians are rated at all or acknowledgement given to their expertise, so thank you for this, Andrew.

I am always happy to help via my blog, Conductive Education Information at if I can.

Monday, 21 January 2013 at 11:49:00 GMT  

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