Monday, 7 January 2013


Or worse...?

Has anyone in England felt the slightest breath of benefit from this organisation and its activities?

C4EO's work on Disability supports Directors of Children's Services and their Children's Trust partners by providing the knowledge, data and tailored support they may need to help improve outcomes for disabled children and their families.

As part of the theme, three key priorities have been addressed:
  • Improving the wellbeing of disabled children (up to the age of eight) and their families through increasing the quality and range of early interventions.
  • Improving the wellbeing of disabled children and young people through improving access to positive activities: extended services, youth work, inclusive play and leisure opportunities, sports and the arts.
  • Ensuring all disabled children and young people and their families receive services which are sufficiently differentiated to meet their diverse needs.

S4CO is a quango



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