Monday, 14 January 2013


Submitting something?
Mentoring abstracts

If you are thinking of presenting something to WC8 in Munich this Autumn, don't forget that the deadline for submissions is 30 April – long enough for institutions and individuals to get something ready in time, but not that long.
For a quick guide into submitting to this Congress, see:

If you do not feel confident about submitting a presentation, a display or whatever, take courage by seeking help. And certainly don't be embarrassed at admitting that you feel unsure. Everyone has to start somewhere. Find somebody who has done such a thing before to explain, demystify, talk you through it, and help and tutor you at any stage that it might be needed. Such an educational service is usually called 'mentoring'.

Two years ago, for WC7, I tried to help in this matter by providing various degrees of mentoring – for example. discussions around possible topics, active, encouragement, help with writing abstracts and even 'lektoring' actual presentations. Perhaps others did too. I myself shall not be providing this service this year but there is still time for potential mentors and mentees to seek each other out.

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