Thursday, 20 December 2012


Creating the Congress programme
Structure and content
The structure of the 8th Conductive Education World Congress to be held in Munich in October 2013 has been on line for some time now:
The actual content of the programme now begins to be filled in.
Keynote presentations
What is a 'keynote speaker? What a question! Do not be embarrassed if you have to ask this question, you are not the only one! Here are a few pointers towards an answer:
There are now twelve invited Keynote Speakers announced for WC8,including two'main'ones: 
The rest of the formal programme
This will depend to no small part upon what is selected from what you submit to be included in the programme.
To be included in the programme you will have to submit an 'abstract':
You have until 30 April 2013 to do this.
The complete programme can of course be published only when all abstracts have been submitted, considered and confirmed. In practice this usually means when the Congress actually begins.
If you have problems or questions regarding the abstract submission, or any other matters, the company organising the Congress will be pleased to help you by telephone or by email, presumably in German or in English:

+49 (0)351 484 2964
Essential informtion for submitting
Congress focus
Guidelines for submission
Submitting your abstract
Submission form
Good luck!
1 Further details will be appearing in the Congress website
2. Conductive World will report these as they appear:
Possibly other websites will too.

3. You can register with the Congress (no cost or obligations on either side) at
Many people in and around Conductive Education have little or no previous experience of conference-presentation. They might reasonably find all this business daunting, even intimidating, and therefore be put off from contributing. This is a great loss to the world of Conductive Education.
Two years ago, for WC7, I tried to help in this matter by providing various degrees of mentoring – for example. discussions around possible topics, active, encouragement, help with writing abstracts and even 'lektoring' actual presentations. Perhaps others did too. There is still time for potential mentors and mentees to seek each other out.
I myself shall not be providing this service this year.
A social network?
Two years ago SAHK provided an interactive Congress website, a social network, not just during the actual event but in operation in advance of the Congress itself and potentially after:
As yet there has been no notification of whether such a social network facility will be provided for WC8.



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