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In Conductive Education too

Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez

A recent posting on Conductive World introduced Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez , a Mexican poet with cerebral palsy and a connection with Conductive Education:

The posting has certainly attracted hits from all over the world. I do not know whether these responded to the inherent interest of the subject matter, or simply responded to the word 'sex'. As for visible feedback from the tongue-tied world of Conductive Education, I am afraid that the response was as ever – zilch.

I do not know whether Ekiwah has written any poetry specifically about Conductive Education but here is a further window on his work, one of quite a few such on line:

András Pető

What other connections are there between CE and poetry? Well for starters, the grand-daddy of them all was András Pető himself, versifying in German. Again, I have no knowledge of whether he wrote about movement therapy, motor therapy, conductive movement pedagogy, or even just motor disorder – though I suspect that he reserved his poettry to matters closer to his heart. You can find some of his verses here:

Maguire, G., Sutton, A. (eds). (2012) András Pető, Birmingham, Conductive Education Press, pp. 153-160 (in English translation]. pp. 259-266 [facsimiles of German originals]

A brief taster (sorry, no date available) –

Alle die Liebtest sind um Dich,
Alle die Dich Liebten sind um Dich,
Die Liebende und die Toten sind um Dich
Alle nimmst Du mit im letzten Blick
Mit einem Mal rühst Du Dich nicht
In Diesem Leben erwachst Du nicht
Das wissen wir nicht was dann geschicht
Das Leichnahm in Sarge bist Du doch nicht

All those you have loved you, around you.
All those who loved you, around you.
The living and the dead, around you.
In the last glance you take them all with you.
Suddenly, you move no more,
In this life you will wake no more.
What happens then, we do not know
That is not you, the corpse in the coffin.

(p. 154)

(If you would like to order the book, tomorrow is the last day of CEP's December sale):

Zoltán Vitó

And of course there is Zoltán Vitó former pupil at the old State Institute in Villányi út under András Pető and a published poet (in Hungarian).

A not-so-slender volume of his verses includes A Mozdulat Mágusáról ('On the magician of moving') and In memoriam Mária Hári, pp. 149-151 and 151-153 respectively

I am afraid that I find Zoltán's verse quite untranslatable – and I believe that I am not alone in this.

Holly Edgcombe

Holly comes from Christchurch, New Zealand, and attended the by then Pető Institute in Kútvölgyi ut. She is also a published poet,for example

Her writing has a wonderful lightness. Here her mother Gail tells more of Holly's story, for the benefit of people in Conductive Education:

Edgcome, G. (2010) Holly, Gail and George: the Edgcombe family, in G. Maguire and A. Sutton (eds) Intelligent love: parents' action for Conductive Education, Birmingham, Conductive Education Press, pp.81-90

(Also in the book sale, if you are quick!)

Is there more?

The above is what comes immediately to mind, but that is as I can take this theme I am sure that there must be more, perhaps written in more languages than represented above, and perhaps including poetry by conductors.

Shall we ever know?

'Poetry in motion'

This title just jumped out at me and I could not resist it. Nothing at all to do with Conductive Education,. Here is the original version by Johny Tillotson, illustrated by some truly cringe-worthy motion:

And here is an all-too-true pastiche by Sha Na Na (including the late Dave 'Chico' Ryan)

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