Tuesday, 11 December 2012


An intimation of mortality

Conductive World did not come on line today. Anyone attempting to link to it this morning will have read the following notification, as I did –

Notice: This domain name expired on 12/07/12 and is pending renewal or deletion
   This page is parked free, courtesy of Google Apps

I had failed to pay the annual renewal bill US$10.20. No excuse, sheer carelessness. It was than a matter of a few blind-panic minutes to get it paid, followed by a couple tenterhook minutes more for some computer on the other side of the world to clunk into life and restore me to the life-giving oxygen of Cyberspace.

It was close, though, Close enough for the whole life of Conductive World to flash before my eyes, framed in the very real prospect of all 1,643 posts so far vanishing for ever. That, I guess, comprises somewhere between half a million and a million words. That's an awful lot of words, some bad, some indifferent but some surely good.
Vanitas vanitatis

Had they gone then I should have been a little sad. Otherwise the waters would have closed over their head leaving not a trace. All's well for the moment, though. This morning's close brush with cyberextinction has however alerted me to what I hope is a long-term problem. I had already been vaguely aware of it, and taken steps in response. Now it feels just a little more pressing, Others who write on line should also be alert to this problem, and its possible mitigation.

Under a previous incarnation I produced Conductive Education On Line. When I left my then employ thiswas soon scrapped, and wiped off line. You can, however, still access it, thanks to the American Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

A few month's ago Conducted World was accepted for inclusion in the British Library's recently established Web Archive, and presently awaiting completion of the accessioning precess.

Those with worthwhile web content that is precious to them might like to examine these or other web-archiving options (the more alternatives perhaps the better). Otherwise, in but a few short years there just may be little else available on line or anywhere else to speak for Conductive Education.

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