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CE could find needed advantage there

The UK's New Years Honours List for 2013 has been published today, and you might think that there is nothing important happening in the world. It manifests so many of the Brits' besetting woes: Ruritanian Royalty, rank, flummery, snobbery, class, cant – and this year, the Olympics (both of them). Indeed, to judge from today's UK's media you might also think that the Olympics were back in full swing, this time with proper medals, awarded by Her Maj (well, actually, by Her Maj's Government.

The year 2012, quite a good Olympic year, I gather. Not, however, the best year for Conductive Education. How are the two connected? That's my point: hardly at all.

Before Christmas the Rainbow Centre in the South of England brought the two strands together:
In September, Norman Perrin and Paces produced a promotional video that made the comparative point:
Susie Mallett has posted numerous times about matters Olympic, and not just over the relevant months of 2012, on both her blogs:

I am sure that there have been more that I have missed to connect the Olympic and the conductive in the public mind, with respect to both practice and theory. There were, weren't there?


If not, the CE has missed a potentially valuable trick. Apart from the much needed PR gains that might have been made, there is the substantive light shed upon the conductive process by consideration of what athletes and the like have to undergo order to excel. During 2012 the two could have been united to CE's advantage. For the most part, they were not. Instead, upon both the PR and the substantive fronts, effort was presumably directed in other directions.
There will be other opportunities, both to find and to create. In preparation I can suggest no better than Matthew Syed's little book Bounce! – surly a basic text for anyone seriously trying to understand Conductive Education.
A couple of previous postings, obliquely relevant


Syed, M. (2010) Bounce: how champions are made, the myth of talent and the power of practice, London, Fourth Estate

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