Saturday, 24 November 2012


Focus starts to emerge
Could do with sharpening over the coming week

The title of the 8th World Conductive Education Congress, Rhythm and balance, may have seemed somewhat enigmatic. The underlying Big Idea is expressed on the Congress's home page:
Recently published is the 'Programme Focus on Rhythm and Balance' that may or may not help clarify and concretise the minds of those considering offering abstracts for possible presentations etc to the Congress – or simply just attending –

Programme Focus on Rhythm and Balance

Research and evaluation
  • Neurophysiologic aspects of rhythm, balance and equilibrium
  • Current scientific findings
  • Measurement tools, life quality satisfaction
  • Study design
  • Methods of CE and new therapy methods
  • Free papers
Early education, children and young people
  • Daily life
  • Teaching
  • Inclusion
  • Puberty and sexuality
  • Free papers
Adulthood and transition from school age into adulthood
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vocational education
  • Working and life style
  • Inclusion, sports and leisure time
  • Sexuality
  • Free papers
Professional education and politics
  • Competencies and working fields
  • Trans-cultural adaptations
  • Recognition and financial aspects
  • Free papers
Abstracts can be submitted as oral, poster, workshop or film. For all main topics free papers are also accepted.
The above 'Focus' does not appear to be signposted from the elsewhere in the Congress website (at least, if I is then I did not find it) . It is available at:
Note that 'free papers' are invited, under the above four categories, but that this term is not as yet defined.

Submission process is now under way
The Congress website indicates that the process of registration and abstract-submission is open from the end of this month, and that all abstracts must be submitted by 30 April net year, so perhaps interested parties can anticipate a sharper focus to help guide their thinking on what they might offer before the start of December.
It has to be remembered that many of those who might consider submitting something will not be experienced conference-goers, needing every help and encouragement to persuade them to go ahead and act – with any extra uncertainty avoided at every step on the way.

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