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Some others do too

A respected correspondent writes, with a very interesting question –

Where can I find a list of all conductive services established by parents?

I wish that I could offer a simple, definite and unqualified answer.

Basic criteria
  1. There are no world 'lists' of conductive services other than those published by Gill Maguire on line on Conductive Education Information and occasionally updated (most other lists on line appear to have been copied from hers).*

  2. The construct 'conductive services' is increasingly a better category than 'CE centres'

  3. A major problem is that 'centres', 'services', whatever, almost never submit information on themselves, or even respond to her enquiries. They really are their own worst enemies.

  4. Then there are the criterial problems.

  5. What for example would one count as 'Conductive Education' and what, for example, is just a short-term experience of it (possibly of even negative long-term benefit)?

  6. When I inaugurated that listing, some time in the nineties, it was already very apparent that everything that went under the name of 'Conductive Education' is not necessarily so. At the time, the main criterial problem was from people offering what they sincerely (but erroneously) believed to be the 'principles of Conductive Education' (Esther Cotton's). With modifications and variations in terminology these persist till this day and continue to cause confusion. Gill has maintained this criterion.

  7. Note that we have not therefore attempted to list Conductive Education as such but only 'centres employing conductors'. Please note too that this does not stipulate 'centres only employing conductors' – so 'multidisciplinary' centres have been also included.

  8. .In either case, it has always been apparent that employing a conductor does not necessarily ensure providing Conductive Education, Not a lot of people want to confront this potential istinction. It could be, granting criteria that the number of places where conductors work is quite a lot larger that the numbers successfully providing Conductive Education. Caveat emptor#

  9. Granting such qualifications, and others, it is hardly surprising that there are no differential data available within all this.

  10. The only exception is the country in which centres are based. Gill's lists are classified by this criterion.

  11. This a pity, because a differential analysis of where, when, by whom, what kind of service, why it is there, how it is constituted (charity etc) could prove practical and constructive.

  12. All that I can say, having watched the sector evolve, one cannot really say develop) is that most CE serviceshave been and continue to be created by parents or occasionally by grandparents.

  13. I could be wrong in this but I can recall only one centre's having been created by disabled adults and/or their carers.

  14. There is a small but growing tendency (especially perhaps in the US) for conductors to establish personal. 'consultancies'.

  15. In Germany, quite a few conductors are employed by clinics (this could be readily quantified via the Internet) and are therefore funded ultimately by the health insurance system.

  16. In the UK there a a few single conductors employed within state schools. How these are funded and what kinds of professional status they enjoy is not clear.

  17. Perhaps for completeness one should mention the families that employ conductors 'privately', an unknowable dark matter within the universe world of Conductive Education.
A very qualified response!

To answer the question briefly:
  • there is no list of conductive services founded by parents (and one would be ver difficult, impossible even, to compile)

  • it has probably been the default case that most 'CE centres' inaugurated around the world are established by parents

  • this tendency continues but there is perhaps a little more variation now, and the situation may vary slightly in different countries.
As ever, more research is needed!

Updating world lists of where conductors work

All the lists can be found in the right-hand column of this site. Just click on the one you want.



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