Wednesday, 7 November 2012


There will be no difference
On the subject of yesterday's posting on Conductive World, a correspondent emails me –
Does that mean that if the Swedish politicians had read this evidence-based research CE would not have stood a chance?

This is the big danger of CE going for the use of these measurement systems. If they use them they will get measured in the same way as therapies and there will be no difference...

Is this what this your blog was posting about? I was not sure.

Sorry that it was obscurely expressed. Too wordy for the importance of the message. You put it rather more starkly, and therefore more effectively. That is indeed what it was about.
Millions of this currency and that have been have been spent on CE-research around the world. The outcome, such as it is, points in the same direction as do those two Swedish studies. 
'More research is needed'. So they say. I am all for research, indeed an important reason for kicking off my involvement in this sector in the first place could be expressed in research terms (indeed it was). But in different research terms, not this kind.
Meanwhile you can take comfort that CE struggles on regardless. Parents, politicians, journalists  (and funders) have their own agendas and tend to have little regard for barmy boffins and entrenched professional positions.
And wonder whether the politicians and the contesting parties were even aware that this laboriously collected evidence had ever been completed and published.
Sutton, A. (2012) What's Intensive Training when it's at home? Home, I think, is Sweden, Conductive World, 6 November



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