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A medical historian's perspective

Professor Judit Forrai is a dentist, and a medical educator at the Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest. She is also a medical historian. In 1999 she published Memoires of András Pető and the beginnings of conductive pedagogy, jointly publihed by Új Arányhíd in Budapest and the Foundation for Conductive Education in Birmingham, and featured at that year's Frankfurt book fair.
Earlier this year she contributed the second of three Forewords to the collection András Pető. Here is a brief extract from what she wrote there
András Pető is a truly extraordinary man whose influence can be felt not only upon his co-workers and their 'children', the second generation of devoted professionals of conductive pedagogy of today, but upon those in need as well, those who have been helped in the spirit of such a great character. I would like to quote the words of one of Pető’s favourite pupils, the psychologist Peter Popper:
The important and serious things, cannot be done in a small magnitude. One cannot be a little pregnant, a little suffering from syphilis, a little dead. There is no such thing as little!

Pető’s devotion reemerges in the work of his followers, in the wish of the needy who want to benefit. One of his main cornerstones was setness of purpose. This attitude emanates from the pores of all those who use conductive pedagogy; his views reappear in those who benefit, through their comportment, their self-esteem, their relation to the world...
Her complete Foreword is published on line at:
The book's other two Forewords are by Jo Lebeer and Reuven Feuerstein. Jo's was recently featured on Conductive World:

Reuven's will be featured soon of Conductive World.

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