Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Nordisk saga continues, with new sub-plot
Social Democrats show their hand

Föräldrakraft ('Parents' Power') reports something as follows –

Social Democrats in Stockholm county council want to tear up the decision on intensive training for children and young people, in order to save the operations of Move & Walks
'Conductive education is important for many children and it can have a negative impact if it is lost,' says Social Democratic opposition councilor Dag Larsson. 'Health Chairman Filippa Reinfeldt should immediately convene the Bureau to work out any flaws in the decision-making. Until this is clarified, then no agreement should be signed' says Dag Larsson.

Social Democrats in the County Council's Health Services had shared in the decision to procure Rehab Station's Intensive Training rather than Move & Walk's Conductive Pedagogy.

'We now “regret” the decision,' explains Dag Larsson because like you we do not have you do not have accurate information. 'We shared in the decision on the basis that we felt confident that all educational activities existing today would also be included in the new agreement. In retrospect, it has come to our attention that this is not so. During the secret preparation of the contract, we obtained information that the offer of intensive training for children would be broadened. We saw this as something positive.

'We were therefore very surprised when we subsequently received several anxious calls from parents and interest groups saying that that conductive pedagogy will not be included in future,' says Dag Larsson.

Any correction of the above translation would be gratefully received – along with any explanation that helps outsiders make sense of this political process...


Bentsson, V. (2012) S vill riva upp beslutet om intensivträning för barn, Föräldrakraft, 22 October

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