Thursday, 25 October 2012


Lobby for CE

Filippa Reinfeldt (Moderate Party) is Stockholm County Council's County Commissioner of Health Services.

Listen, Filippa Reinfeldt!

Let's talk about what Conductive Education is for children with cerebral palsy.

The disability movement in Stockholm requests a personal meeting with Filippa Reinfeldt to reflect on the procurement of intensive training for children with disabilities. We believe that there may be such serious shortcomings in the preparation of the case that the contract should be withdrawn.

Health and Medical Care at Stockholm County Council has decided to stop offering intensive training in conductive pedagogy for children with cerebral palsy and other neurological disabilities. Conductive training has been in Stockholm as an alternative and complement to traditional physical therapy for about 15 years. Over the years, great experience and expertise has been built up, that will now be destroyed in one fell swoop.

The expertise that exists within conductive pedagogy in terms of neurological damage is not found in any other form of training.  There was a meeting before the contract, between the National Association for Disabled Children and Young People in Stockholm and the management of  Health Care, at which we clearly expressed how valuable conductive pedagogy is for our children, and that it is impossible to replace it with other methods. We are very disappointed and critical of the political leaders in the County for not taking account of our views. We also believe that it is a violation of the Children's Convention not to seek children's views before a that is so crucial for those concerned.

It has emerged that the preparation of the case has major flaws, so much so that a full council meeting should be convened to put forward the strong case that the contract may need to be withdrawn. The National Association for Disabled Children and Young People, the Association of People with Neurological Disabilities, and the Green Party, who have constantly tried to change the contract, now unite to require that Filippa Reinfeldt should receive the disability movement to go through the deficiencies of preparation, before Friday, 26 October. A personal meeting is now needed to go over the facts that have been established and to consider whether there are grounds to withdraw the contract.

It is a question of democracy that citizens should be able to express their views to elected politicians.

Filippa Reinfeldt has answered through her secretary that Stig Nyman (Christian Democreats) is solely responsible in the matter. But since Nyman has been involved in the gaps that exist in the investigation, we would like Filippa Reinfeldt as head of department to take the issue over and talk to the disability movement direct.
Ingrid Näsman Birch,
President, National Association for Disabled Children and Young People Stockholm County

Kristina Törnblom,
Chairman, Neurological Disabilities Association, Stockholm County

Harald Strand,
Chairman of the County Council for Children, Young People and Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Stockholm County

Lars Mullback,
Film Director

Therese Sivebo,
Chairman of the Swedish Ceebral{Palsy, Association

Helene Öberg,
Health Care Policy Spokesperson for the Green Party in Stockholm County Council

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