Monday, 15 October 2012


More data towards meaning of 'scientific'
A month ago Conductive World reported the first of this year's series of 'scientific meetings', to be held at the Pető Institute in Budapest':
This report remarked –

 The programme for the rest of the year has yet to be announced, and may offer an interesting empirical window on what is meant by tudományos ('scientific') in this context.

 The second meeting of the series has just been advertised –
    A minimál-invazív spinális intervenciók
   [The practice of minimally invasive spinal interventions]
   Dr Med Hans Joachin Latta

    A cardiovasculáris intervenciós (szívkatéter) laboratóriumok müködese
   [Operation of cardiovascular intervention (heart catheter) laboratories]
   Dr Med Georg Richter

   A perinatális sérülések ellátása
  [Care of perinatal injuries]
  Dr Med Ralf-Thomas Blank
Time allotted or each topic: 30 minutes.

 It remains too early to form a generalisation but Kremlin-watchers may find it illuminating to watch this spot to help tease out, in advance perhaps of next year's World Congress, what is construed by the word 'scientific' in this context and indeed how such a matter appears best dealt with at a 'meeting'.

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