Monday, 8 October 2012


What's up, doc?

This week the Great and the Good of those who work with cerebral palsy will gather in Pisa for the 4th International Cerebral Palsy Conference

The conference will be devoted to all aspects of cerebral palsy, from early diagnosis to standards of care and to new therapeutical approaches. In addition, special lectures will be dedicated to the opportunities offered by recent advances of research in Neuroscience. Contributions for understanding and treating cerebral palsy from animal models, genetics, stem cells, cognitive neuroscience will be discussed. The new framework provided by ICF approach, with a special attention to the quality of life, will be also taken into account...

The Conference will also include several spaces addressed to the parents, where the main speakers will present the main novelties of their research, with convenient time devoted to discussion.

Several hundred delegates are anticipated from around the world (mainly the developed world, presumably).

In Parallel Session No 10, within the theme of Adults, Mental health, Family (funny tag-end mix), Rony Schenker from Tsad Kadima will be speaking on 'Attitudes and family-centred care among conductors in a conductive education center'. Ivan Su from SAHK will also be attending, but is not presenting.

Perhaps there will be others there from the world of Conductive Education, perhaps not. Whatever, I suspect that Conductive Education will be making little impact upon the Great and the Good of the world of cerebral palsy as represented here.

I hope that Rony and Ivan have a really good time, meet interesting people and find lots of interesting things happening around the world – then share these more widely with others when they get back.

I genuinely envy their being there, and therefore dismiss as just sour grapes my thought that, whatever individual gems there are to be identified, whatever the overall gloss and rhetoric of modernity, the general conceptual framework manifest in 2012 is deeply depressing.

Positive-thinkers will doubtless wish to run their eyes down the Final Programme for overwhelming evidence to the contrary:

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Anonymous Andrew said...


Big Pharma's close cousin:

Monday, 8 October 2012 at 08:41:00 BST  
Blogger Rony Schenker, OTR, PhD, Tsad Kadima, Israel said...

Returned from the 4 th International Cerebral Palsy Conference in Pisa Italy. A well organized ,high level, theory-practice oriented, the state of the art in the fieled700 participants from 30 countries.
And from the conductive community? Ivan Su from Hong Kong,Beate Hoess-Zenker and Bettina Brühlfrom Germany, and myself. Not a single conductor and not other professionals from any conductive facility, to the best of my knowledge.
What a shame!

Friday, 19 October 2012 at 23:50:00 BST  
Anonymous Andrew said...

Thank you, Rony.

So it goes

And, as one reads so often now in shops, 'When it's gone, it's gone'.


Saturday, 20 October 2012 at 03:23:00 BST  

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