Friday, 26 October 2012


Round 1 to Move & Walk
Stockholm County has found a technicality in the contract process. It has cancelled the contract just awarded to Rehab Station Stockholm AB, a traditional habilitation company. Move & Walk's funding will continue for the moment, to provide conductive pedagogy to Stockholm children with cerebral palsy:
  • The whole contracting process will be reviewed.
  • Particularly, the possibility arises that parents' entitlement might not be just for a service but for a choice of services
  • Little political parties scrabble around for a share of the credit for yesterday's outcome
  • Conductive pedagogy has achieved excellent national media coverage (though without much indication of distinction between the two 'trainings')
  • There has been as yet no professional backlash
  • And the politics will not go away.
This battle has been won. There may be others.

A good press

So far anyway, this dispute has been presented very much in the favour of Move & Walk, with sympathy very much for the parents and their right to chose, rather than for CE as such – i.e. a political matter rather than a technical one.

Public coverage has been extensive. Recent items include:
To Lars Mullbeck and the parents, to Eszter and her colleagues, and to all their supporters...

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