Thursday, 6 September 2012


World Cerebral Palsy Day

Do you recall the appeal for parents and others closely involved with cerebral palsy to submit ideas to better lives, to be voted for by people around the world? Here's a reminder of what it is about and what is involved:

I did not manage to get through to the organisers to ask about people who do not have English (or maybe I did and there is no answer), but today I received my first notification that somebody had submitted Conductive Education to be voted on:
Our son Sixten is severely affected by cerebral palsy. The only educational approach that stimulated his learning, independence, and social skill AND which simultaneously staved off some of his physical deformities was Conductive Education...  We need to get Conductive Education back into our son's life and into that of other children with CP!
Only one submission? If that is all that the world of Conductive Education can find to demonstrate its enthusiasm, then perhaps an era is indeed drawing to its close, perhaps the game really is almost up.

I see that this lone voice in favour of CE has so far attracted 25 votes, ranking it at number 24 out of an undisclosed number of suggestion.

Just a couple of minutes of your time to follow the link below and to click to add your own vote: 



Anonymous Andrew said...

To see all the suggestions so far, ranked in order of number of votes received, scroll down the long list that starts at:

Leading this long field is one of a recurrent theme on this list, waterproofing for the electrics of motorised wheelchairs.

You will find the CE proposal remarked above, and a voting button ,at

There is also a button to add a different idea if you wish to.

As far as I have time to scroll down, and down, though a very long tail, on the next results page I found another Conductive Education suggestion, rather surprisingly an extensive, anonymously submitted formal announcement for the 8th World Conductive Education Congress to be held in Vienna next year. Surprising or not, this this has gathered 20 votes:

Friday, 7 September 2012 at 08:17:00 BST  

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