Monday, 3 September 2012


Chasing the Chimera

Thanks to Google Blogs, I have just come upon a page from a search site called KNOWLED:

It is not immediately obvious what this site does and I do not have time to spend chasing this up. It seems to be a sort of search engine for identifying on-line information on requested topics, the resulting lists of URLs being presumably machine-generated. I tried to subscribe in order to to test it out for myself but, for whatever reason, it would not let me in. Perhaps others might have better luck.

Who is looking for information on CE?

The page in question looks like a search for the topic “conductive education”. It appears to have been created six days ago, in response to an anonymous request by someone who has signed in as 'Journalist'.

Is someone, somewhere, researching a serious article on Conductive Education?

Any the wiser?

'Journalist' has been given some thirty URLs from this KNOWLED search. At first glance the list is impressively catholic, and includes some possibly interesting items in German. There is also something in Hungarian and something else in Finnish. Clicking down, however, finds possible limitations to the list's utility:
  • two red asterisks ** signify pay to read
  • a surprising number of the URLs given are duds or dead
  • there is no way for the naïve reader to be able to distinguish between true treasure and dreadful dross
In the event, a serious, monoglot English-speaker without access to a university library would find little to read on this page. German-speakers fare perhaps a little better.

For what it is worth, my suggestions from this list for Journalist (and any other English-speakers) are:

Feuerstein (2008)
Hári and Tillemans (1984)
Sutton (2006)

These three, ten percent of the original trawl, cohere quite well.


But oh dear, this exercise does so clearly illustrate how hard it is to find out about Conductive Education.

Meanwhile, I see, Journalist is still on the trail, following up the day before yesterday with a similar search, for “Peto Institute”:

I wonder what other lines Journalist is following.

Good luck, whoever you are. It will be interesting to see/hear what you make of it all...



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