Thursday, 27 September 2012


She has a book out too

I suspect that The Casual Vacancy is not my sort of read, but it takes all sorts. Contrariwise, I suspect that András Pető might not be to everyone's taste either...

The Casual Vacancy is on sale from today at all good book shops, and through every other conceivable outlet, with an attendant media feeding frenzy that could run till Christmas and beyond.

András Pető is available solely on line:
As for public attention, András Pető is unlikely to ripple the surface of national or international awareness: breath-holding behaviour is not recommended.

Still, you never know. Stranger things have happened.

Good luck with the book, J. K.  Have a nice day. I have heard that a million copies have been sold already, prior to publication. I am not clear about the central message of your new book but no doubt you will come in for a lot of stick and whingeing for it, justified or no. So it goes. At least, however, you have an unrivalled opportunity to give your message a good run, whatever it is.

What a week for publishing!

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