Tuesday, 21 August 2012



I am being reminded that the Olympics are far from over. First came Susie Mallett's blog posting:

Then hot foot came an email from Emma McDowell –

I have hitherto taken little interest in the type of spinal injuries that the famous (world famous!) Stoke Mandeville hospital deals with. This was unexpectedly changed last night by a film that I saw on TV, The Best of Men, a dramatised story of how the Paralympics started in 1948, with Dr  Guttman (German Jewish refugee doctor) in star role.

I don’t know whether many people in CE will have caught it but if they did, they must have been struck by certain resemblances between the hero, Dr (later Professor Guttman) and Dr Pető !

The film may have idealized Guttman a bit – as the various Pető-remembrances do him – the article in the Radio Times tells a bit more, as do recent researches about Pető

Tragic times turned glorious for Guttman, who was lucky enough to land in England – Pető had a harder life, and paid more dearly for his 'luck' when allowed to start his work in Budapest in 1945.

What a great subject for a comparative study!

Play it again...

As long as you live in the UK, you can see this film on BBC iPlayer:

If not, you can, see a short clip here:



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