Wednesday, 29 August 2012


You couldn't make it up
But what can you do?
...most children with cerebral palsy are of normal intelligence.... there has been evidence to suggest that conductive education can help prove [sic] a child’s prognosis and independence... and can help prevent some complications associated with ataxic cerebral palsy, such as malnutrition.
These snippets are from a rather anonymous website that looks like one of those irritating sites that some law firms put on line for search engines like Google to spot and so attract unwary punters. If this is the case then this is a modern form of ambulance-chasing.

The website in question here is based in the United States, and is called Medical Malpractice.

Informational malpractice

The same webpage leads me to an exposition on stem cells. This begins –
Stem cell treatment for cerebral palsy has offered a thrill of hope for millions of parents who have children affected by the debilitating condition. Conventional medical treatments have not offered any radical improvement to cerebral palsy patients’ quality of life – they merely attempt to treat the symptoms and provide therapy for behavioral issues. Stem cells accomplish something very different...[continues]

I do not think that one can be sued for dissemination of befuddling, harmful information.


(2112) Conductive education improves ataxic cerebral palsy prognosis, Medical Malpractice Lawyers, 21 August

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