Monday, 27 August 2012


Tsad Kadima to consult to New Milestone Project

It is announced that the Board of Directors of Tsad Kadima in Israel has agreed to a formal request from the Social Service Guidance Centre of China Disabled Persons' Federation, inviting Rony Schenker to act as overseas advisor to the Cheung Kong New Milestone Project on Cerebral Palsy over the forthcoming five years.

Nearly a quarter of a century of close, continuous collaboration between families and service providers has brought about a coherent model for conductive upbringing in Israel, along with a considerable indigenous conductor-workforce and now its own conductor-training programme.

It will be interesting to see how the resulting practice might generalise to the vastly different cultural and social context of the People's Republic – and what fresh insights might flow westwards in return.

Indicative reading

Schenker, R. (2012) Middle East meets (Far) East, The Conductive Post, 4 February

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