Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Just not good enough

On Tuesday Conductive World drew attention to a website that is misrepresenting Conductive Education to a truly heroic degree:

I have just checked back. As a result I added the following comment to the site – .

If I wanted to publish something on line to inform people about something of which I know nothing, say, cataracts I would probably start by identifying informed sources then sharing some of what I find.

I should be dealing with painful and vital realities in peoples lives and bodies. If doubts were expressed about what I then communicated, I should feel awful. I would withdraw my offering before it did harm to people, and go back to the drawing board. Or just stay away from something that clearly I do not understand. That is if I really cared.

I might even feel a little worried, and take a few minutes to see what I could find out about who had expressed doubts about my advice. What do they know? In the instance that has prompted my comment here, Google would take but a few minutes to suggest to me that they might know something, and indeed already expressed this at great lengths in the public media.

What I would not do is stand my ground, affirming my credentials by means of having seen an old television news item, and asking whether anyone who has experienced or been treated for cataracts has anything to add. All things aside, I would not do this for no other reason than that I would not wish to be held liable in a court for damages resulting from advice that I had posted.

Cataracts? Conductive Education? What is the difference here? Surely not that children with motor disorders and their families, and what is done for then, just do not matter?

Look yourselves, and see what Norman Perrin (UK) and Sue O'Reilly (Australia) had already commented on this site, and how they were answered. No one or no organisation yet from North America:

It is not too late to have your say...


– (2012) Kids with cerebral palsy get help from Conductive Education, Ams Vans, 3 August

Sutton, A. (2012) CE's poor public image: moving from tragedy to farce, Conductive World, 7 August

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