Friday, 9 September 2011


Economics and China, again

Listening to the astonishing parade of economic gloom on this morning's news I was told that one light in the general gloom is that China'smassive economy is still growing – with the obvious proviso that this alone is not enough on its own to maintain the world's economy.

WHAM! And such, I guess, may also be the case in the micro-world of Conductive Education.

So, reminder that it it time for another a quick peep into the world of Chinese Conductive Education. Why not try for yourself.

Google it

Search using the Chinese characters for 'Conductive Education' (never mind what precisely this means – just that it is probably more precise than is use of the equivalent term in the West!):


Cut and paste this into Google search (or the search engine of your choice) and search in the normal way, including the inverted comms around the phrase.

POW! Rather a lot isn't there!

Read in English

Most of the entries are in Chinese, from Hong Kong, the People's Republic and Taiwan. Don't be intimidated by this. You will see than quite a few entries are followed by the words 'Translate into English'. Click on these words to receive an almost immediate translation.

Chinese languages adapt surprisingly well to machine translation – enough anyway to get an idea of what is going one. Here is one entry that I  just clicked on at random:

PHEW! I presume that, by '$ 1.2 million', the South China Morning Post means US dollars.'

It's another world, isn't it?

I wonder what the organisers of the 8th World Congress of Conductive Education will be doing to reflect how the world is going to look in 2013, in all the Wham, Pow and Phew that we can reasonably expect before then, macro and micro!


Meanwhile, a couple more (from many)

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