Saturday, 3 September 2011

CE: just another duff therapy

Conventional wisdom from 'expert writer'

Conductive education, developed in Hungary in the 1940s, is another physical therapy that at one time appeared to hold promise. Conductive education instructors attempt to improve a child’s motor abilities by combining rhythmic activities, such as singing and clapping, with physical maneuvers on special equipment. The therapy, however, has not been able to produce consistent or significant improvements in study groups.

The writer is one Wilbert Brians. Who he?

Don't shoot the messenger

Mr Brians merely conveys an uncritical, inexpert reflection of what is scattered across the Interent, with apparent authority and in plenty. Why should he or anyone else conclude any different?

CE as therapy?

The general verdict on CE from those who deal in therapy is by now pretty clear.

If for no other reason than that, steer well clear of the notion.

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