Thursday, 15 September 2011

An anecdote from olden times

Some recent daft advice
And a serious point

In the mid-eighties, shortly after the screening of Standing up for Joe, at the hight of the national CE-fever, I was at some CE-related event at the Houses of Parliament. I was approached by some beamish Sir Bufton-Tufton MP, exuding the desire to say something to indicate his positive, beefy good will.

'What I can't understand though is why, if their legs don't work, they can't just have them amputated and articificial ones fitted...'

I wonder whether the world as a whole understands cerebral palsy any better now.

And today, from America

(2011) What is cerebral palsy? Heath Talk Buzz, 7 September

What an unutterable stinker!

What has changed?

At a fundamental level

Is either analysis reported here really any more or less sophisticated that the pervasive understanding that 'physical disability' is centrally  just that, 'physical', and particularly a matter of mobility?

Recent correspondence in mind:

* Sir Bufton Tufton MP

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