Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Big Issue

The 'interestingness' of CE
The Big Issue Test

This afternoon I called into an Internet café to jot down some brief thoughts arising from reading a couple of items in the print media today. As I did, Google alerted me to something just out on the Internet that seemed most concretely to illustrate what I was writing, and I incorporated that too.

This is what I posted... 

Social media: CE take heed

Novelist Hari Kunzru (no relation) sees us at the start of a revolution –

I'm increasingly reliant on this network of people to filter news and information... we are our own PR machine by being interesting on line – it's a ruthless free market of interestingness.

Quoted in The Big Issue, no 961, 8-14 August 2011, p. 32

True false? With the wisdom of hindsight we may eventually know Meanwhile there is increasing awareness, from all standpoints, of the potentially dynamic social force of the Internet, not least through social networking.

Today I picked up a discarded copy of the Mail on Sunday on the bus, finding the following article by Lord Rees Mogg (aet. 83):

Rees Mogg, W (2011) Beware the march of the cyber giants, Daily Mail, 20 August

With respect to Hari Kunzru's 'free market of interestingness', where does CE's lie? It is in that Conductive Education represents concepts that surpass all existing understandings of physical disability (and of a lot more besides) and the structures and practices that incorporate them. Why ever else should the wider world be interested?

Google has just alerted me to (yet another) public appeal for funding by the Buddy Bear Trust in Northern Ireland: deserving enough in its own right, I am sure, but interesting? For the people directly involved, yes. But in a free market of interestingness, why should the wider world wish to prioritise a little local charity serving disabled children and their families over all the other calls for attention (and cash?), in Northern Ireland as everywhere else?

(2011) Call for support for cerebral palsy charity, 1st Amendment Domain Revenue Recovery Service, 20 August

Whatever happened to Conductive Education's own 'big issue'?

The Big Issue Test

I rather like the notion of a Big Issue Test to help gauge the interestingness or otherwise of what one reads about Conductive Education, on paper or on the Internet, and what one hears at meetings and conferences.
  • Does what is said or written give reason to feel that the subject of Conductive Education is immensely important? 
  • If not, what's the big deal?
  • Where is CE's extraordinary USP (unique selling point)?
  • Why should anyone be interested if one is not stated – a truly fascinating one at that?
What do you think that this might be?



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