Thursday, 21 July 2011

Waste not, want not

I may as well post this anyway...
With an ode as a bonus

There is a very large informational site, from the US, called I have cerebral palsy:

Three days ago ago it published the following  –

Question by reaswaiss: Why is Conductive Education not widely known about or practiced in the US as opposed to many other countries?
Conductive Education is a method of teaching that addresses the specific needs for children and adults with cerebral palsy. It’s been around since the early 1940s but is barely talked about, understood, or heard of here in the US. I’ve seen amazing results with CE. What’s the hold up here in the States?
Best answer:
Answer by AyishaGisel
Unfortunately US seems to be behind in implementing a lot of proven research in the area of learning disabilities and disabilities. Unfortunately it seems that money controls it all. Schools are not even following their legal mandates for disabled children because of trying to pinch the budget. It really is shameful.

Rea Swaiss is certainly a real person *.  Aisha Gisel is a presence on the Internet, but harder to substantiate.

Some one else, under the name of spedusource, also then reponded –

Conductive Education IS in use in the United States. If it is not available where you live, but you’d like to see it introduced, you should contact the organizations already researching and providing CE.
Here are organizations working on having CE fully researched and established in use in the US…
Sorry, I misunderstood. This is not the site's own response but comes from somebody who answers an awful lot of questions on the Internet.

This answer is careless and sloppy, but presumably considered by the writer good enough for Conductive Education and for perhaps desperate people who might be looking to find out about it. So I banged out a quick response of my own, at least to set people on the road towards finding more–

I am afraid that the first answer so far given here to this question is misleading, and just another sign of the widespread misinformation on CE that is one of the reasons contributing to this approach’s not being more widely taken up, in the US as elsewhere
So answer no 1 on what to do: study, study, study!
'Unfortunately US seems to be behind in implementing a lot of proven research in the area of learning disabilities and disabilities'. No, one of the problems for CE in the US, and elsewhere, is precisely the lack of a certain kind of 'proven research'.
It does rather look like the first respondent is intent on hijacking the question to pursue personal agendas!
What to do in such circumstances? Do not let people get away with this. Correct them, as here.
The site’s own response is the start of a better answer. Yes, there are quite a few CE programs across the US, but the US is a very big country!
I am afraid that is is rather over-egging reality to say that the three mentioned organisations are ‘working on having CE fully researched and established in use in the US’. As far as I know, there are no organisations in the US doing this.
If you would like to see a recently updated (March 2011) list of US centers where you can see something of Conductive Education. go to:
This is but one of the resources listed on the Conduction website. Another that you might find helpful, that deals with bigger issues such as the one asked about here, as well as the day-to-day human realities of Conductive Education at every level, is The Conductive Post:
Good luck,
Andrew Sutton
That was three days' ago. My comment is still 'awaiting moderation'. How moderate must one be?


* Ode to Conductive Education

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Anonymous Click to read more said...

My friend's daughter is having a hypotonia and tremors. As the medical practitioner examined her, it was a negative Ataxia-type CP.
I'll include you in my prayers, stay strong! :)

Monday, 27 May 2013 at 09:38:00 BST  

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