Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Silly, biologistic word for such a potent social force

She's got it
  • Over the years I have come across them, as I am sure will have many who read this posting, parents, (mainly but not exclusively mothers) who have just 'got it'.
  • They have never have had any relevant formal instruction, not even read anything explicitly relevant, but – wow! – do they 'know it'.
  • What they do, what they say, how they live their own lives and their families' lives, are living exemplars of everything that a conductive upbringing should be – they 'live it'..
Pass it on?

How to convey this to others, how to train practitioners to help bring it about (not by 'training, surely!), how ever to explain it to all those sad professionals who do not and will not see this in front of their noses? Search me, Buster.

How to bottle this, how to explicate and share the qualities manifest here? Were I younger I should regard understanding and communicate this as a central task within the wider social transformation essential to moving beyond the absurdities of contemporary special educuation and rehabilitation. Well, that will have to be somebody else's job.

No, not 'natural' at all

But before handing on this baton I must rid myself of the daft, careless word with which I headed this posting: 'naturals'. Such parenting is no more 'natural' than any other human activity. Nor is it a bundle of 'skills' to be trained,. Nor is it God-given! It is product of particular human experience, learning, development etc.

In 2011 the Internet and the liberation of the blog offer bright windows through which to look in upon the favoured upbringings.of children whose own experience, learning, development etc. unfold within such family lives. These favoured upbringings stand forth from amongst so many other parents' blogs in which love, hope, optimism, hard work, vast cost and the very best of intentions, are heartbreakingly revealed being squandered on dysfunctional (and perhaps even dysfunctionalising) activities.

Not in 2011 but one day the world might be readier to entertain a far better paradigm.

See what I mean

I mention this because chance has led me to Jennifer Seymore Montgomery's blog, The crunchy and the smooth:

Do you see what I mean?



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