Monday, 11 July 2011


Advice please

Conductive World is increasingly being targeted by a strange kind of spam, up to a dozen attacks now a day. I know this because I have a Google Alert out for new postings on Conductive World.

The attacks take the form of Anonymous comments on older postings on Conductive World. They are fairly harmless, often dodgy pharmaceuticals, recently a lot of them in Polish. I know this because my Google Alerts give me the text of these unwelcome intrusions but, when go to my postings, there is nothing there! I cannot therefore delete these comments, neither can I report them as spam in the hope of stopping tham at source.

Perhaps they are a particularly invidious form of spam, directed solely to such anoraks as take out Google Alerts! Perhaps Blogger's spam filter has already dealt with them, instantly, as soon as they arrive.

Any other explanations, or suggestions about what to do?



Blogger Susie Mallett said...

Andrew, it is strange that you mention that your blog is being hit by invisible spam because it appears that Conductive Community Forum has also been hit, but by visible spam. There are many comments that have appeared there over the past few days too:


Monday, 11 July 2011 at 22:38:00 BST  

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