Monday, 4 July 2011

The future belongs to you

Refections from Facebook

This morning I awoke to a couple of Facebook comments about yesterday's posting on Conductive World –

Andrew. I wish I had your knowledge and your way of observing the way things are. I cannot think of the world of Conductive Education in better hands. Andras Peto would have been impressed.
Sivan Chechik In one of the disscussions that were in " ZAAD KADIMA" Israel one of the questions was: Which kid will benefit fron CE. One of the first-year student answered: "Every child" :)

I responded as follows –

Gayle, you have your own knowledge and your own way of observing how things are, based upon practical experiences that I could never share. So has everyone else involved is this diverse and often discordant field. Conductive Education, and more importantly its future, lie potentially in the hands of every single one, not in those of particular individuals and oganisations.
'External factors' aside (like politics and economics) CE's future will depend upon the quality of the understandings that achieve prominence within this Babel. And this will depend not merely, perhaps not at all, upon whether they are 'right' but upon individuals' readiness to check, criticise (and self-criticise), dispute (in the best sense of the word,internally and externally), refine and discarproselytise, and study, study, study – applying always the stern test of practice. Ditto for every grouping and organisation that ever emerges within and around around this field.
Look what can happen when a whole lot of people do not!
Nothing is in my hands, nor should it or could it be. Or in the hands of anyone else (and that goes for organisations too).
As for András Pető, one can have no idea of what in some unknowable future might have impressed him, and what might not. Personally, I like to think (though I do not of course know) that he possessed rather a sardonic sense of humour. This offers me grounds for some amusing hypotheses about some of the things that he did and told to people – and what he might have thought about how people have dealt with these subsequently! 
Sivan, thanks, that is a comfort. I like to hope that there are many others, and that their voices will join and be heard.
Perhaps there will be further such responses on Facebook:

Facebook: advice please

By the way, does anybody out there know how to generate a URL for a specific Facebook posting and its comment thread?

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thank you for adding this and for writing the posting yesterday.


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