Monday, 18 July 2011


Nothing to do with us, Guv'nor

Up until the end of 2010 Conductive World appeared daily, permitting space to include regular consideration of economic trends likely to impact upon the continuing development of Conductive Education. Since then economics have been barely mentioned on these pages. Six months into 2011, is there less need to draw the attention of the little world of Conductive Education to world economic trends? Perhaps these have gone away... 

Er, not quite...
  • The economies of Iceland, Ireland and Portugal are already history, Greece is now a commonplace, Italy is looming, and Spain may be next.
  • Japan is suffering from its own economic tsunami.  
  • The US is at risk of losing its top-notch credit rating if its nationsal politicians keep playing silly-buggers.
  • China is having problems with its rate of inflation.
  • On Friday, eight out of ninety major European banks have failed a stress test, set ludicrously low by omitting the possibility that Greece might default.
  • This morning, on my own tiny island (the UK), the year's already pathetically low economic 'recovery' forecast has just been downgraded a further notch, and the public-sector unions are to fight one of the main the planks in the Government's economic plan, cutting back public expenditure (after the summer holidays, of course).
In the circumstances, how to judge whether it is 'a good thing' that China is playing an increasing role in propping up dodgy economies (like the Euro-zone), or the very opposite?

Oh, to be in a BRIC or one of the new 'frontier economies' coming up behind!

And Conductive Education?

Still making hay as though the sun still shines and always will.

CE has no public stress tests to gauge the viability of its tiny institutions against even presently apparent scenarios.

Grand plans abound. In foreseeable economic circumstances, however, spontaneous, diverse, grass-roots evolution may prove the best hope.

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