Thursday, 14 July 2011

A CE blog-rush

What might it tell us?

Google Blogs can go very quiet sometimes on “Conductive Education”. It certainly has been of late. This morning, however, these were waiting:


What does this little sample tell about Conductive Education, what people understand it to be, and how it is gtting on in today's world?

Not a lot, except that in the English-speaking world at least a popular hunger for something bubbles on (and not just with respect to children), and that something called 'Conductive Education', whatever this might mean, is still in there, still outside the mainstream, but still a contender

I do hope that this is not an over-optimistic gloss.

PS   (bed-time, later the same day)

There have been several more since then...

A couple on summer camps:

Three 'think pieces':

And one on chosing appropriate bikes:

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