Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Intelligent love, tough love

Rediscovered, again, for a new age

Mária Hári called it 'intelligent love'.

The Belgian school of Conductive Education (Yves Bawin and colleagues at La Famille in Brusselles) comes to it through the psychoanalytic prism of Françoise Dalto.

One does not hear such matters discussed much in Anglo-Saxon education, or in English-speaking Conductive Education (due apology to noble exceptions).

Restorative practices

But maybe they are being aired, and quite widely too. I was alerted to this yesterday by an article by Ted Wachtel in the Baltimore Sun:

Yes, they have been managerialised up, and rather reduced to 'a program'. But the fundamental truths are there. I myself have no appetite for the way in which they are stated, but if this clicks with a younger generation – and their masters – then so be it. Perhaps people trying to 'sell' Conductive Education, especially perhaps to school administrators in the United States, might do better by following this line rather than tired old out-of-tune explanations that are so patently just not delivering the goods.

Especially, conductivists would be better advised exploring commonalities and seeking alliances with relevant educationalists than with neurobabblers.

Here meanwhile a useful lead into exploring resorative practices further, the International Institute of Restorative Practices:

I see that there are branches in Canada and the United Kingdom. There may be others.

Good luck.


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