Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A good story is worth telling

And retelling.
Then telling again...

A story's story

In November 2006 the Gainsville Sun published an article about Rafel Strzałkowski, by campus correspondent Claudia Adrian:

In May 2008 came an update:

A few days later, this prompted Conductive World to draw upon both of her excellent reports to notify the world of Conductive Education of the struggles of someone with direct experience of this system, as both user and advocate.

And last month Conductive World returned to the story of Rafel (now Ralph), now one not just of struggle but of truimph too:

It does not rest there. On Saturday last, Conductive World's recent report was republished in Polish News, America's leading Polish bilingual illustrated monthly:

Human stories

This story has legs. It could run and run.

But there are so many good stories in Conductive Education. Conductive Eduction Press has been publishing collections of the sometimes extraordinary personal achievenents of children and young people, parents and other relatives, and conductors too, as exponents of this system have fought its cause to become established across the world. Maybe CEP will find the resources to bring a wider range still into the public domain. There so many more such stories scattered across the world's media archives – such a roll-call – and untold numbers that have never been publicly told.

Pay no heed to those who dismiss all this as 'anecdotal eveidence'. It is an evidential treasure house!

Claudia Adrian gave Ralph's story a good public start and I am sure that its development has been no accident. Testimony of the life experiences that stem from conductive upbringing and lifestyle are possibly the most powerful single weapon in the armoury of those who would advocate Conductive Education as the way of the future.

The stories are there. Use them to the full.


– (2011) An American Story, Polish News, 28 May

Conductive Education Press

The Library of Conductive Education:

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