Tuesday, 28 June 2011


A long stalemate

I still from time get asked 'Why has Conductive Education done so little in France?'

One answer is that a high-level, official fact-finding mission to the Pető Institute was not impressed by what it saw there, nor by what it was told It noted favourably the 'great methodological coherence of the Pető practice' but found little else to praise, and raised openly concerns that have been expressed privately by others over the years but not usually so forcefully, in print –
...one sees reappear in modern garb, with the pseudo-justification by the neuro-sciences and in the name of a pseudo-normality... an absence of scientific guarantees and dialogues with other professionals concerned, and finally an over-active commercial policy of world conquest...
For a summary of the report in English, see:

It is not that French parents had not been interested, indeed French parents had sparked this investigative mission. And French parents are still interested, as is testified by the small-scale local initiatives in France. But this report is 'official', in a way that would not be possible in the Anglo-Saxon lands, and it lies publicly on the file.

Zut alors!


This is an short English-language overview of the report on line:

Sutton. A. (2003) Official French report rejects Peto Institute, Conductive Chronicle,  1999 

The full original report is not freely available on line  only the cover of the journal issue in which it was published.

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